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Guardian Angel - A New Pilot - First 5 Pages

A RAIL THIN MAN KNEELS at a boulder half the size of himself.His head is BOWED LOW, with CLASPED HANDS RAISED HIGH.
Far away the kneeling man, the HEAD OF A SERPENT RISES INTO VIEW.It’s almost black – like darkness given shape.But still a bit translucent, with the light of the moon passing through it.
It HISSES quietly, and SLITHERS slowly toward the kneeling man
The sufferer SHIVERS and his SCATTERED SOBS FADE into the sparse desert darkness that surrounds him.
This is JESUS.Not the perfect, white-washed messiah, but a terrified Middle-Eastern laborer.
JESUS (Subtitled) Father?Can you hear me?
From everywhere at once, a HISS ECHOES.Jesus LOOKS UP to the sky, where he expects Heaven to be.
(Subtitled) If it is possible, please…take this cup from me.
LOUD SNORES fill the air.Jesus TURNS.
A stone’s throw away from him lies a group of men.Laborers all, as is reflected in their TATTERED ROBES.They are the APOSTLES, and every one of them is FAST ASLEEP.
Off Jesus…