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       There were, at least, a dozen ways he could have handled his current situation.  Paragon took in his surroundings; the city streets were strewn about with rubble, a graveyard of concrete and burning debris.  The block was mostly deserted save for a few people hiding in what was left of the surrounding buildings.  There was only Paragon on the street, clad in his uniform of white and silver with his long and regal cape billowing in the breeze.  Only Paragon, and the robot standing before him; a fifty foot tall metal monstrosity with glowing green eyes that surged with the promise of death. Yet it was not the pulsing death rays that were the real danger.  Paragon focused his vision and looked beyond his immediate foe to the roof of a building a mile away, where a rail thin man with a worn and craggy face stood.  The man’s right arm was clenched like a vice around a woman, holding her to him while in his right hand he held what appeared to be a small silver detonator. …