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OF GODS AND MEN Chapter 14: A Pirate's Apostle
Tarsus stood at the ship’s railing as the sun began its descent.  The scene was one of utter peace: not a cloud in the sky, not a lap in the water; nothing around them as far as the eye could see. He breathed deep. “Captain!” a panicked sailor called down from the crow’s nest at the top of the main mast. Tarsus spun around.Amelia, her eyes looking skyward, was standing next to Cassius on the quarterdeck. “What is it?” she called out. “We’re being…” the crow began to call. “Don’t bother, fool,” Cassius interrupted.He put a hand on the captain’s shoulder.Gently, the she turned to face the young half-god. “What’s going on?” Amelia asked loudly. “Sir, they’re hailing us!” the crow called out again. Amelia turned from Cassius and sped to the railing.Tarsus too looked out to the open sea.But neither one of them saw nothing on the calm waters. “It’s only pirates, my dear,” Cassius answered, clearly bored.“They approach from behind.They are almost on us…
OF GODS AND MEN Chapter 13: A Respite and A Warning
             Time passed very quickly on the Defiance.  Tarsus, Cecily and Finnian were growing accustomed to life on the high seas.  They had grown so much a part of the crew, in fact, that they were given the traditional black and gold uniforms of Defiance sailors. “Thank you all,” Tarsus said. “I feel very welcome, and we haven’t been on this ship long.” “Sailors have to learn to be a crew very quickly,” Maurice, the sailor who had handed the three of them their new clothes, said.“We stop so frequently and change out crew so often, that we have to be open to working with all sorts of folk.This isn’t the life for someone who can’t be comfortable around other people.” “It’s funny, I am never comfortable around other people,” Cecily said.“But it’s very easy being around all of you.” “Many thanks,” Maurice said with a smile.“Especially since not all of us will be going on with you to the Under Isle.” “What?” Finnian exclaimed. “Tomorrow, we a…