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EVERY DAY SUPERMAN Issue 3: The Heroes We Want
  Clarence scanned the rack hurriedly.  He found the issue of Superman he had come to the comic shop to buy and quickly pulled it down off the shelf.  He looked up at the clock that sat above the check-out counter on the opposite side of the rack that held all the latest comics.  “8:45.  I got fifteen minutes before closing.  Ok, I just gotta see what happens next,” Clarence thought as he turned back toward the rack and opened the issue to the first page. It was another splash, hearkening back to the last page of the last issue.  Superman was charging Brainiac with his fists cocked and his eyes glowing a menacing red.  The doomsday clock above Brainiac and the two life-size glass tubes; one holding Jimmy Olsen, the other his mother; read five seconds.  Clarence turned the page. 4 It was a double page spread of Superman, instantly stopped in front of Brainiac.  His fists were down, and his eyes were alight with the fire of inspiration instead o…