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 Murphy vanished before Balric’s eyes.  The manservant looked every which way to see if he could spot where the ghost went, but there was nothing.  Silence.  Then, there was a breeze, and Balric felt a chill.  It began at his fingertips; slowly it crept up into his hands.  Panic started to seize Balric and he furiously rubbed his hands together for warmth.  There was none to be had.  The chill only inched higher. “Master!” Balric called, but Declan did not answer.  It was only Mad Murphy’s laughter that replied to the manservant’s call: evil and echoing. The chill kept rising; up his forearms and into his shoulders.  It spilled over a bit into his chest before finally cascading into the rest of him.  Balric fell over, clutching at himself for warmth.  Nothing worked.  This was the coldest he’d ever felt, and his limbs began to ache even as they were beginning to dull.   Balric looked up at Delcan one last time as he felt the chill spread to the …