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James shivered as he looked up at the tall, intricately wrought iron gate of the Morton Hills Cemetery.  It wasn’t the autumn cold that sent a chill up his spine, but the twisted and knotted iron bars that called to mind a grizzly smile with bared metal teeth.  But the five year old boy had to get past those teeth, into the mouth of the graveyard to bring back what he came for. “You know, your mom’s in there,” his dad had told him earlier that day, referring to a black box resting next to a big hole in the ground.   They were at this same graveyard, James knew.  It was the one down the street from his house, where his mom and dad would take him for walks every morning.  But somehow, with the sun almost set, the place looked spookier than it ever did during the day.  “In the box?” James remembered asking his dad.  He thought that was pretty cool.  He’d seen clips of his mom get into a lot of boxes on the computer.  He’d also seen her get stabbed with swords and s…
“True to Life is headed in a lively, energetic new direction.  We’re expanding our demo with tailor-made shows geared toward giving that ocean that is the global audience the specificity they want, all in one place.  Like the Nintendo Wii.  Did you guys play the Nintendo Wii?”        There were snickers of laughter at Deirdre’s joke.  That was fine.  It wasn’t meant to be a gut-buster.  Alex gave her that reference to draw a very clear line between a much beloved product and the content that True to Life was about to release.  Furthermore, it sent the message that True to Life was in the business of satisfying audiences on its own terms: just like Nintendo.  That was something this audience could respect; and it was the kind of bullshit that tided over idealists like Deirdre. Deirdre wanted smart, scripted programming.  Alex was about to present a slate of lowest-common-denominator Reality shows that he would package as cutting edge “docu-series.”  But by al…