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OF GODS AND MEN Chapter 11: Storms
The ship Defiance rose and fell on the face of the Crystal Sea.  What had promised to be a calm and serene ocean at the start of their voyage, only seven days ago, had now broken that promise and was stirred to bubbling fury.  The storm was upon them. The wind lashed at the ship with the explosive force of several whips.  Raindrops as large as a human fist were crashing down on the deck.  Down below, the ocean roiled with breaking crests that were getting higher and higher: the hands of the sea were slowly enfolding the Defiance in their embrace. “All hands, prepare yourselves!” shouted Amelia as she took her place on the elevated quarterdeck.   On the main deck below, her crew scurried all about, busying themselves with ship tasks to brace for the storm.  Tarsus, Cecily and Finnian could only stand by and watch, half in shock at how quickly the storm had come upon them and half in amazement at how quickly the crew was responding to it.   Tarsus was especi…
OF GODS AND MEN Chapter 10: The Disciple's Law
“Malthus’s son?” Tarsus half asked and half accused.“I have never heard that Malthus had any children.” “Neither did Malthus, I’m sure,” Cassius said as he flashed them a mischievous smile.“Being one of the youngest, I doubt that he would have heard of me before he disappeared into his palace.” “Are you telling us you’re a thousand years old?” Finnian asked in sardonic disbelief. “Not just yet,” Cassius answered jovially.“Though that fated birthday is not far off.But what is age to an immortal?” The three of them stood on the docks of the Malthanon Harbor considering this.Tarsus felt as though he were outside of his own body at this moment, and his senses seemed to come alive.He heard the lap of the water below his feet; smelled the salty sea air as it stung his nostrils; faintly saw the morning fog out of his periphery; and felt the slight tug in the pit of his stomach that told him this man was telling the truth…or at least, a truth. “You …