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OF GODS AND MEN Chapter 35: Taking Shape
Almost all had been set to rights in Malthanon.Save for the ruin where the docks once stood, the city had been perfectly restored to what it was before Adulatio’s betrayal.The people were returning to it in droves, now filled with so much hope that it was palpable anywhere they would congregate.It did not matter if it was a family sitting together in their home or a crowd of strangers in one of the city markets, the smiles and good cheer were boundless and generously offered.
Yet no place in the entire city held so much grace, gratitude and joy as the cathedral that formed the base of the GodKing’s palace.Since the miraculous restorations had begun, this holy site had been filled with people.Residents from all over Malthanon came to praise the name of Malthus who, in His infinite glory, had restored to them their homes.
Lines formed outside the cathedral gates, and people waited their turn, sometimes days, to get in and praise their lord.But even …

We see the font of the school, pulling back slowly to reveal a lawn bustling with STUDENTS. They're laughing as they meet up at the start of a new, beautiful spring day.

We travel back farther to see more students coming in off the sidewalk in front of the school.

We're in the street now, as oblivious kids on bikes ride haphazardly in the middle of the street.  Huge smiles are on their faces.

Not so with the drivers of the stop-and-go cars piling up behind them.

We move further back until we land...


We settle behind CLARK, 16, just shy of obese, as he watches the bustling lawn with a growing smile, behind glasses too big for his face.

This is gonna be good.


Clark turns in the passenger seat to look at JOYCE, his mom who's 40, rail thin, and who sits up anxiously in her seat as she locks eyes with her son.

Yeah.  I'm gonna make friends here mom.  I have a good feeling.

That's great Cl…