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Guardian Angel - Act III - Scenes 2, 3, 4 & 5

At one end of the small table, backed by the stacks, Beth and Miriam sit, pale as ghosts.
At the other end, not sitting but pacing, is Alton Kind.Behind him, waiting in – maybe blocking – the doorway to the staircase that leads back up to the chapel, is the Attendant.
The attendant suddenly puts a finger to her ear, pressing it in.
ATTENDANT Copy that.
Miriam leans in close to Beth.
MIRIAM (whispers) She has an earpiece?Why does a TA need an earpiece?
ATTENDANT (to Professor Kind) Students are clear sir.The gate is locked.
BETH (Whispers) Why does a TA need to lock the gate?
Professor Kind turns to Beth and Miriam.He puts his fists on the table and leans in.

ALTON KIND Now that we’re truly alone, I want you ladies to tell me what happened to the sword of St. Peter.