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         Colin sat in the waiting room, sweating through his suit.  He gripped his briefcase tightly.  In his mind, he was reviewing his presentation.  He had slides.  He also had the statistics on how quickly men over forty could learn new things.  Did it take longer?  Absolutely.  Colin wasn’t going to shy away from the truth.  It just meant he’d have to work harder.   “Mr. Werner will see you now,” the receptionist said as Colin jumped back in his seat on the couch. “Thank you Grace,” he replied nervously.  He stood up and walked to Mr. Werner’s office door.  He put a hand on the knob, but before he turned it he felt a rumble in his gut.  This wasn’t going to be a hard meeting.  Mr. Werner was a brilliant man, always open to new ideas so long as they were presented well.  Colin had prepared.  All the same… “Grace?” Colin turned back to the receptionist. “Yes Mr. Collins?” “Wish me luck?” Colin asked gravely. Grace didn’t say anything.  She just smiled and nodded.  What di…
EVERY DAY SUPERMAN Issue 4: The Lessons We Learn
        Clarence and Joey were sitting at the bleachers on the border of the old basketball court.  In Joey’s hands was the Superman comic Clarence had gotten the night before.   “I thought u got one of these a week?” Joey asked. “Yesterday was hard.  I needed another one,” Clarence said flatly. “Sorry bout your dad man.  I know how it feels,” Joey said. “S’ok.  I figured it was coming.  Didn’t make it any easier though.” “Look y’all, it’s Roley Poley Joe!” an obnoxious voice yelled out. Clarence turned his head and saw Garvey approaching them.  Behind him was the standard crew of eighth graders he slunk around with.  In the very back, skulking slowly, was Tyson. “S’up Roley Joe?  U fatter than u were yesterday?  I think so.  I think u like a black hole, suckin up everything,” Garvey said as he started laughing at his own joke.  ”And speakin of black holes…” “Shut up Garvey,” a voice said. The entourage of eighth graders looked behind them to see …