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OF GODS AND MEN Chapter 37: Choosing to See
  Drake awoke with the light of the dawn; an old habit of a former life lived for far too many years.As a soldier, he had many predispositions disciplined into him.Now though, this very morning, he wished to be rid of all of them. Last night he tried very hard to ensure a much longer lie-in for himself by engaging Finnian Pell in a drinking game.He, the tall and muscle-bound former soldier, matched the younger, thinner, and more jovial Pell drink for drink. They were celebrating.Two weeks had passed since a strange boy showed them to a familiar hilltop where they could look out onto the city of Malthanon.They expected to find it in ruin, but were surprised to see that it had been restored…complete with the rebuilt palace of the GodKing, and its spire; a steeple that stood so tall, no mortal’s gaze could find the top. But the restitution of his GodKing was not the reason for Drake’s celebration.After showing them the rejuvenated city, the boy begg…
OF GODS AND MEN Chapter 36: A Phantom Debate
Tarsus stood atop the crown of Malthus’s spire; the spire that rose so high off the cathedral base that it pierced the clouds in the sky.  Through the patchwork aerial quilt of blue and white, he caught glimpses of Malthanon underneath; the grand city glittering in the rays of sunlight that managed to find their way to the world below. In his entire life as a mortal, Tarsus Cole never imagined he’d look upon this city from a height so far away.Back then, he was mesmerized by the enormity of it.Not only was the city large, but it housed so many different people from so many different places; yet here is where they chose to call home. Now, though, it looked small: like a child’s toy.Tarsus thought of Malthus shaping it, building it…like a meticulous collector, passionately constructing a model he was only ever going to lose interest in.He thought of Cecily, relentless in her pursuit to save the city and her GodKing, only to die before she could s…