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 Balric kept his eyes fixed on the ground as he walked.  It was uneven terrain, with puddles here and there of a dark liquid that he could only guess was water.     It got colder the further they went.  Balric crossed his arms tightly over his chest and hands, trying to warm what he could.  He started shivering slightly and tried to push his mind from his discomfort.  “Don’t think about coats.  Think about how we can keep track of our time here.  Let’s see…accordin to when we left, and factorin how long I think we’ve already been here, I’d say we want to be back at the docks when the sun rises.  Boy, I’d love a sweater right now.  Stop it Balric.  But there’s no way to know when the sun will rise from inside this place.  Ooh, socks would be nice.  Focus!” But it was eluding him, so Balric chose to try and distract himself.  He looked up, at Declan, to see how his master was faring.  But if the lad was cold he showed no signs of it.  He kept …