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Guardian Angel - Teaser

We move slowly across a stark, red desert.In the distance, there are the clay walls of a city.Outside the main gate, a mix of men and women: some in woolen tunics and cinctures, others in rich Roman robes: come and go about their business.
This is not the modern world.
We keep moving, slowly, finally settling on a small, solitary hill. Through the shimmering desert heat, the hill looks like the back of a skull cap, with two crosses sticking out the top of it like swords.
And in the distance, we hear the faint CLINK.

A twitching hand fills the frame.Fingers are bent at unnatural angles, but where they split, we can see the signs of something dull, grey, and blurry.
There is a loud CLINK, and as the blurry grey thing is pushed down, a blurry crimson shoots up.
We look down on a pair of sunburnt feet, caked in dried mud and blood.A pair of strong, tanned hands forces one foot on top of the other.A grey spike is set on top of …
OF GODS AND MEN Chapter 43: A New Road
Shepherd stood alone atop the spire of the GodKing, one hand resting easily on the stone battlement that encircled him, while the other was clenched tightly around the grip of Brand. It was a clear day, with no clouds shielding the new GodKing from the naked horizon that surrounded him.Below, the city of Malthanon was laid bare, even from so great a height as the spire stood.Shepherd looked down on this city…his city, now…and channeling a bit of his power, he opened his eyes to the goings-on of the mortals who lived there. He saw them all; the rich and the poor, the young and the old, the working and the derelict. He followed each of them living their lives in a city that seemed only an imitation of what it once was.Even with the harbor rebuilt, and the GodKing’s castle and spire restored, there was still so much devastation; and it was the people who were being made to suffer for it.Some were suffering more than others, yet Shepherd could not ignore…