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OF GODS AND MEN Chapter 16: The UnderIsle
Tarsus, Cecily and Finnian walked out onto the deck of the ship Defiance.  The moon shone brightly, illuminating the whole of the deck.  But it seemed in vain; the pale light trying to reveal what the thick fog tried to keep hidden.  In stark contrast to the bright moon, tendrils of ghostly fog reached over the railing and onto the deck, like the wispy fingers of ghostly, giant hands. They all paused.The deck unnerved them.It had grown so familiar over the past weeks, and yet now it was anything but. Now it was specter of its former self; a black and grey imitation of a place they had only ever seen lit with the reds, browns and golds of day.And through the ill-defined haze and shrouds of fog, propped up on the railing under a clear night sky, were two shadows. “Tell me what you see!” a chilling voice shrieked. Tarsus began walking forward.He moved through the mist with purpose, approaching the shadows that seemed so far beyond the veil of mist as …
OF GODS AND MEN Chapter 15: Summons
     “Wake up!” Tarsus dreamt.  It echoed in his mind, like a trumpet’s call from the waking world: a call that expected to be answered.      He opened his eyes.  The dark of night greeted him in the cramped room he shared with Finnian and Cecily.  Some light shone through the small porthole they left open, but the moon was pale this night and its light was dim.      “Did you all…hear that?” Finnian’s voice floated down from above them.      “More like I dreamed it,” Cecily replied, invisible to the men from her bed across the room.      Tarsus did not sit up or stand; he lay in his cot, though his senses were heightened.  The words of Amelia from the night before began thundering in his mind.        “You are a slave.  You have been, since you set foot on this ship.”      There was no denying it.  The three of them were onboard the ship of a mad demigod who only helped them to service his own ends.  And now, their master was calling.      “Come to the deck!”