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Guardian Angel - Act II - Scenes 1, 2 & 3

A startled Spero sits up on the stone alter.His eyes are racing, taking in his surroundings.
Nothing but pale stone looks back at him.Finally, he settles on a circular arch that looks like it could be the recesses of a door – but it’s blocked by a stone slab.
Spero swings over the alter, letting his legs dangle off the edge.He spots the broken sword artifact on the sandy floor.
Spero hops off the alter and bends down, taking the sword fragment into his hands and scrutinizing it.He touches it with his free hand, then slowly brings that free hand up to his ear.
He shakes it off.Whatever he’s feeling doesn’t matter right now.He stands up.
Spero rolls his shoulders back, his eyes scrunched closed in pain.
He brings that free hand up, past his neck, and feels around on his back, by his shoulder blades.
We watch as his hand moves closer and closer to the nub of what looks like the root of his wing.It’s not stained with any kind of human, or angelic, blood, but th…