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OF GODS AND MEN Chapter 6: The Road to Malthanon
POUND…POUND…POUND… Tarsus tried to ignore it.  The pounding at his front door was bleeding into the pounding inside his own head.  He’d overdone it again last night.  Why did he always overdo it?  He just wanted to fall back asleep, but he knew he wasn’t going to.  He was up now, and had been for at least a half hour.  No amount of keeping his eyes shut was going to change that. “Cole!  Open up!” he heard a female voice bark from outside. “Wake up Tarsus.  Going on this quest was your idea, remember?” came the gravelly, not-quite-awake-himself voice of Finnian Pell. Tarsus pushed himself up from…the floor?  Yes, he must have slept on the floor last night, using a nearby rug for a blanket.  He looked around his small cottage.  Everything was in a haze, but his furniture and belongings were undisturbed.  Seemed he didn’t make it far past the door when he returned home from the Good Shepherd. POUND…POUND…POUND… “I’m awake.  I’m coming!” he shouted…
OF GODS AND MEN Chapter 5: First of the Firstborn
         Tarsus and Finnian had been at the Good Shepherd for hours, sitting at their usual table toward the back of the place.  The tavern was unusually crowded this night.  Bustling crowds of shepherds, merchants, and other folk milled about with ales in hand.  There was a general sense of excitement in the air as men and women milled about with ales in hand excitedly greeting old friends they hadn’t seen in months.  Tarsus, with the help of several ales, allowed himself to be swept up in this excitement.  It felt right to him that: tonight of all nights: he should be greeted not with the drudgery of the old, but with the thrill of the new. “Come with me,” he exclaimed to Finnian, who sat across from him. “Are you mad?” Pell asked, clearly trying to be stern. “Maybe,” Tarsus laughed at the admission.  “I know this whole thing sounds insane, but I swear to you Finnian…it felt like the hand of fate reached out to me today.  I feel like I ha…