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OF GODS AND MEN Chapter 2: The White Knight
Tarsus awoke where he stood.  He realized he had been staring, transfixed, toward the edge of the Wandering Wood.  He instantly wondered how long he had been standing there, staring on after the two strange women he seemed to recall but could not remember. Next to him, Finnian roused as well.  Tarsus looked to his friend, and the two shared the same puzzled expression.  They did not need to say anything to one another.  They had fought side by side long enough, been friends long enough, to know they both had the same questions. Standing a few paces ahead of them on the dirt road was the white knight.  As though in answer to their newfound alertness, the warrior turned to face them.  Then, he lifted his sword, pointing it at Finnian. “How long must it take for the lesson to sink in?  Your actions have consequences,” the knight scolded.  “You’re both lucky to be alive.” “I know your voice,” Finnian said with a smile.  “Drake?”   “Finnian,” Tarsus bel…
OF GODS AND MEN Chapter 1: The Chase
        All was still on the edge of the Wandering Wood.  A light breeze blew past as tree branches danced in its sway.  The sun shone down from a clear sky.  It was peaceful here: serene. From inside the wood, the neighing of a horse echoed faintly; as though it were coming from deep in the heart of the forest. Then, suddenly, a bolt of black crashed through the trees on the forest’s edge.  It raced down the road leading out of the wood.  Latched on behind the black was a cart that held a cowering woman holding frantically onto the railing that fenced her in.  Her high-pitched shriek rose and fell as the black blur sped forward to Meeks Harbor. Only moments after, two chestnut mares crashed through the same forest opening onto the road.  The riders, two young men wearing simple leather armor, willed their steeds on.  The cart was not far ahead. “Tis simple logic Tarsus,” said the young man riding the horse to the left of the path.  “We are two different…