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OF GODS AND MEN Chapter 39: Of God and Man
            Drake barely heard the words before he found himself charging.  He heard nothing from that moment on, and his eyes were fixed on their target.  He leapt into the air…  OVERHEAD STRIKE The former Malthus raised his blade quickly to block Drake’s oncoming attack.The shock of the blow sent the god to one knee.He brought his free hand up to the flat of his sword and pushed upward. Drake tried to grasp the pommel of his own sword with his free hand, but closed a grip upon it too late.The god’s push sent him tripping backward, and as he began to fall he saw the screaming sheen of steel as it made its way quickly, imminently, to his unarmored rib cage. HORIZONTAL SLASH But Drake had been the greatest warrior the KingsGuard had ever seen, and his reflexes had not dimmed so much since he’d come back to Briarden. UPWARD THRUST Drake’s hilt caught the god’s blade as it flew up to intercept steel and bone.The mortal warrior let go his weapon, and all…
OF GODS AND MEN Chapter 38: A Lighted Fuse
As Drake stepped through the open door of the waiting forge, crossing over the threshold into the sea of golden light, he felt a familiar pull in the pit of his stomach.There was no mistaking it now; he was in the presence of divinity. As he watched the real world of Briarden fall away, only to be replaced by this ethereal luminescence, a sudden fear grew in his mind.As more of the heavenly light surrounded him, he imagined himself being burned by it: scorched by it.His skin tingled in anticipation of the light’s attack, and in his mind’s eye, he saw the fluid in his body simmer and grow to boil.He saw smoke escape his eyes, ears and mouth, as he felt the agony of his innards stew. He came back to himself in the present moment.Briarden was gone, and he was entirely within the womb of the light.Though his skin still tingled, there was no smoke or sensation of burning.Instead, the golden illumination eventually presented a crouched figure.Drake cou…