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WITHHOLDING A D&D Character's Backstory

It was another grey day on the mountain pass.They were all grey days on the dragon’s mount.On either side of a gravel road were haphazard boulders bordering it as far as the eye could see.Behind the overlarge stones were steep, cliff faces that stretched high up, beyond the very clouds. Wigbrand sat alone, behind one of the largest boulders he could find.He was not terribly afraid of being seen.Very few souls dared travel by the mountain pass for fear of the dangers believed to haunt the place.One of those mythical dangers was Wigbrand himself.He was a dragonbron: half man, half dragon standing seven feet tall and adorned in golden scales.Rumors of his kind, and worse, infesting the mountain had terrified humans for centuries.Though if any of them could see Wigbrand now, perhaps they would have taken a moment to consider his postulate position, before fleeing in terror. “Great Bahamut…” Wigbrand prayed aloud, facing up to the sky.His arms we…
OF GODS AND MEN Chapter 40: To Thine Own Name Be True
“We get to name a magic sword,” the phantom Finnian was ebullient.The halo of light surrounding him gleamed so bright with his glee, that had a pair of mortal eyes been able to see him, he would have blinded them instantly. “Not magic…” the stern voice of Cecily’s ghost lectured, “…divine.Tarsus’s divinity fuels the sword.Brings it to life…just as it keeps us alive in him.” “Either way, we get to name it,” Finnian pressed on, undeterred. The phantom Cecily let out an audible sigh. “Can you tell her I heard that?” Finnian posed to Tarsus. “This is not some imaginary story where a blade needs only a formidable name to make it important,” Cecily droned.“The sword is as much a part of you, Tarsus Cole, as we are.Unlike us, however, it is the symbol of your power that others get to see.It will stand for whatever you stand for…” “This is just a name…” Finnian interrupted in Tarsus’s mind, “…it’s not as serious as she’s making it out to be.” “A na…