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The Flash - Spec Script - Act Two, Scenes 3 & 4

Barry is passed out on the couch – Cisco sits at the computer working -- he CRUSHES an energy drink – doesn’t skip a beat. The TV in the center of the room is on.
ON SCREEN A news broadcast of a huge crowd in Central City Square.A stage is erected in the center.A BAND WALKS OFF – just finished playing.
A TICKER at the bottom of the screen reads “ALL-DAY CONCERT IN CENTRAL CITY SQUARE.”
Out of nowhere, a CONFETTI CANON FIRES.
He WAKES – startled.He looks at the TV.
BARRY What is this?
CISCO I dunno.
BARRY It’s a concert.You’re not watching this?
CISCO No.I just needed something on in the background.
BARRY Does it have to be so loud?
CISCO Sorry, didn’t realize.I tune things out when I get focused.
ON BARRY – he GRABS the REMOTE – MOVES to turn off the TV.

The Flash - Spec Script - Act Two, Scenes 1 & 2

Cisco is huddled over a laptop.Barry is pacing behind him.Both guys are in their costumes, but with the masks pulled off.
BARRY Any luck Cisco?
CISCO Still sorting.Through prison records, juvey records, speeding tickets…if this guy’s been in any kinda trouble, I can find him.
Barry paces.
BARRY Shouldn’t a simple search be instant?Why’s it taking so long?
CISCO It’s pedabytes of information Barry.Even the fastest computer needs time.
Barry paces some more.
BARRY Are you hardlined into the router?Maybe that could speed things up.
CISCO Barry, if you want to speed things up, we should bring in some help.Irs, Caitlin…Joe!He’s a detective!We don’t have to do this alone.