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OF GODS AND MEN Chapter 27: Duty Done
Cecily silently summoned the sword’s power.  She felt it well up in the pit of her stomach, exploding upward as it coursed through her. “I am yours,” she heard it whisper.That should have surprised her.The power had never communicated with her before, let alone through her own speech. She only needed to feel what she wanted it to do, and the power obeyed. Yet now it was speaking; pledging itself to her. There was no doubt in her mind that it was speaking the truth.It would always tell her the truth; for truth is what she desired.And now, she desired the truth of Malthus’s throne room. Cecily looked into the blinding radiance that shielded that truth from her and she gripped Malthir tightly.“Show me,” she commanded. Suddenly, the glittering bright of Malthus’s throne room shattered before her sight.All was laid bare. On either side of the place were large windows that flooded the room with radiant sunlight.It was a curious sight, given that Cecily knew i…
OF GODS AND MEN Chapter 26: Mortal Immortality
She stood outside the grand entrance to Malthus’s cathedral.  The moon hung high in the night, and she pulled her hood up to veil herself as best as she could from its face.  In her left hand she gripped Malthir tightly.  The blade gave a soft glow, which she hid from the sight of the world by pulling her cloak over the rest of her, draping herself entirely. She looked up, above the cathedral before her to the palace of Malthus that extended high above the clouds.Inwardly, she could feel the divinity of the GodKing calling out to her. “Not to me, though,” she thought.“Not to me.” She felt the smooth, cold grip of Malthir in her hand; as though the sword understood her thoughts. She felt it give a slight tingle. “You want me to go on,” she returned in her mind.“You want to go home.Yes.Let’s go home.” A rustling breeze blew past, ruffling her cloak.She pulled it tighter around her, though she did not need to.There was no wind that could cool her n…